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Automatic one-touch play tent

Automatic one-touch play tent

Childrens Teepee Tent

Childrens teepee

Little bear angel play tent

Little bear angel play tent

Hexagonal kids play tent princess



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  • Kidwhoo(Yancheng Tiandi International Limited) is a Manufacturer and exporter of diverse supplies catering towards an array of service providers including but not limited to kids play tent. Utilizing innovative thinking that incorporates every client’s unique philosophy, we provide creative solutions that work to enhance customer satisfaction and profitability through contemporary product designs, supplies, and logistical improvements.
  • We are committed to creating high quality, the most trusted, the safest kids play tents´╝îkids teepee tents, bed tents and other children’s products for dealers to set up good reputation of the products, and bring the family and children a fun filled life and interesting childhood.
  • Design, print and manufacturing in house, these help us stay at a very competitve price and deliver your qualified product. Why not send us a free quote before you place the order elsewhere.


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